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Purlins and Girts


PT Robertson FastBuild Indonesia offers a wide range of Purlins and Girts that are manufactured from hi-tensile (G450, G500 or G550) galvanised steels that conform to the Australian standard for cold form steel structures. Standard AS/NZ 4600 requires that cold formed sections need to be protected against corrosion attact. Our purlins range is manufactured from steel with a minimum Z275 galvanised coating (275 gr/m2).

Using leading edge engineering technology, we offer high quality products at competitive prices. Our large variety of purlins are industry proven in commercial, industrial, rural and domestic applications.

Purlins span further and so save on overall construction costs. The higher strength to lower weight ratio makes our products easy to transport and handle on site. Our purlins can easily be used as a structure to affix roof and wall cladding. A wide range of factory hole-punched options is available as well as a range of bridging systems, both which can be customised to suit your exact design and engineering requirements.

Purlins with non standard dimensions can also be custom manufactured for large projects so as to optimise structural efficiency. Purlins can be used as structural steel in light weight buildings, but must be used in accordance with a design certified by an engineer.

For more severe corrosive environment a Z350 (350 gr/m2) or Z450 (450 gr/m2) will be required. This heavier coated product is available subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times.